Monday, July 20, 2009

Harrowing Experiences

Luckily I haven’t had a harrowing experience recently.  Just pushing on in what seems like the mundane work of getting a new project started.  Lots of computer work and a bit of networking, which has been fun.

When Reuben was sending reports of his agricultural project in Werkok he would write that he had been harrowing.  I thought to myself, “he’s afraid?”  But that didn’t fit the context.  He said he, “did harrowing with the tractor.” The dictionary says that’s to break up land by pulling a harrow over it.  He was preparing the soil for planting. 

Just as Reuben was physically preparing the soil for planting I am excited to focus our prayers on harrowing the ground in Akot: to prepare the minds, attitudes, and spirits of those Jesus leads us into relationship with. 

Team Preparation

  • Finalization of team make-up.  Praise the Lord we have just added another team member – Joseah Sang (left).  Joseah was one of the Bible Distribution Coordinators who worked with me last year and before that we worked for many years together at Tenwek Community Health.
  • Team meeting and orientation in Kenya in early August
  • Clear communication
  • An understanding of Dinka culture and basic language acquisition
  • Wisdom in selecting Kingdom Villages to target – villages where God is at work and wants us to join Him
  • Always lots of logistics:  Sudan visa’s, flight coordination, purchase of motorbikes, etc.

 Community Preparation

  • We hope for welcoming Church and village leaders
  • People will not want or expect handouts.  For over 20 years the country was at war and the UN and others were involved in relief activities. Some people have gotten used to receiving assistance.  Our desire is to come alongside people who want to be part of the process of building their lives. 


Dr. Martin (left) is very busy at Werkok Hospital.  Thankfully the needed medicines have arrived.  Gunshot wounds, a drowning, and enlarged spleens are a few of the patients Dr. Martin has seen in recent weeks.  Let’s continue to pray for peace and safety as he reports that there are too many guns around. Also, lets pray that Dr. Martin will be encouraged as he shares Jesus with the staff and patients. 

Reuben is headed to Akot today for a quick trip.  He’s accompanying Martha Kosge, a nurse from Tenwek Hospital, who will be taking a report back to Tenwek on the needs and opportunities for service.  They are accompanying an American doctor who will be working at the clinic for the next three months.  Let’s pray for Dr. Clarke McIntosh’s transition to a whole new world of medicine. 

On Wednesday July 22nd the Hague will announce whether Abyei will be considered part of North or South Sudan. Abyei is a town in the middle of North and South Sudan and is coveted by both because it is rich in oil.  Pray that the decision will be accepted by all and that peace will prevail.

Thanks for covering the Mango Ministries Team and our activities with your prayers!



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  1. Mango Ministries is coming together! We are so excited for you. Looking forward to see how Jesus will use you & how we can partner together in the future. Love & prayers