Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ready, Get set. . . .

Go! The Tenwek Eye Team is ready for the upcoming Eye Clinic in Akot to be held February 27th - March 5th. Our goal is for the team to do 100 cataract surgeries. Since pre-registrations are slow in coming in we decided to challenge the entire Tenwek family to pray the patients in. Almost 200 staff have agreed to pray daily for this outreach. Below are Drs. Ben Roberts (L) and John Cropsey (R) from the Tenwek Eye Team. I invite you to join us in praying in patients. The latest report is that 27 people have registered for surgery - will you pray in another one? Another way to help give sight to a Sudanese is with a financial gift. See sidebar "Check it out." A gift of $200 will help give sight to one Sudanese.

We are committing the people of Akot to God for both physical and spiritual sight. We are honored to be a small part of the process of transformation that God wants to bring to this community.

I will be Going to Akot on Monday, February 22nd. Reuben and Joseah report that God is at work in Akot. We praise God that there has been no fighting recently. New leadership in the Army is helping build trust. Prayer walking has been going on and last Friday a community prayer meeting was held. Thank you for praying with us for God to move. With the extreme winter weather in the U.S. (I am jealous of all that snow!) I doubt there has been much outside prayer walking but I hope you've been blessed by praying for Akot in your heart and mind. We need God's continued presence and direction in the coming days and weeks. See side bar for up-to-date prayer praises and requests.

While at Tenwek recently I spent some time at Tenwek Community Health & Development and was able to meet and greet all the staff. I shared with them about Mango Ministries and challenged them to be involved. Below are 3 of the staff (minus Reuben who is in Sudan) who have come to the US with me during past Homeland Ministry Assignments. (from L to R: Jonathan, Joy, Monica, and Andrew). They are all doing well and continue to be excited about the challenges for ministry that God has given them in this part of Kenya and beyond.

Faith and Stephen have returned from their short term ministries in Werkok. Faith set up a lab and oriented a Sudanese Lab Technician. Stephen organized all the medicines and supplies for the hospital and set up record keeping for the same. This was all done in temperatures around 110 degrees. No snow in Sudan this winter! I'm thankful for the work Faith and Stephen accomplished and for their willingness to be His witnesses in Sudan.

Stephen with Dr. Ajak at Memorial Christian Hospital in Werkok

You can read more about Stephen's experience in his blog.

May we all 'see' Jesus this week and pray for those who do not 'see' Him.

Thank you for your involvement on behalf of the Sudanese.


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