Monday, June 21, 2010

On the Road Again. . . .

I'm in the car beginning the journey to Marion, Indiana for WGM's 100th Anniversary Celebration. Over the past 3 weeks I've been on the road, or in the air, quite a bit.

Three weeks ago today I was in Sudan. It was a lot of fun showing Jeff (photographer on our trip - thanks Jeff!) and Christine, missionaries in Kenya, what Mango Ministries is doing in Sudan as they explore future ministry possibilities. It was also exciting to have Brian and Debbie Mutai with us. They are missionaries with the Africa Gospel Church in Kenya and are working with Mango Ministries for the next few months.

In Akot we were warmly welcomed to the home of Michael - one of the patients seen at the Eye Clinic held in March. Unfortunately he is blind from glaucoma which is too far advanced to be treated. A friend of Mango Ministries purchased a solar powered radio for Michael that is pre-tuned to the local Christian radio station. We were able to present that to Michael and his family. Please pray that Michael and his family will be encouraged. Michael's biggest concern is to not be a burden but be able to help support his family.
Joy, Christine Stanfield, Brian and Debbie Mutai and Michael at his home in Akot

From Akot we traveled to Lui Hospital where I worked several years ago. We were warmly welcomed by many friends and enjoyed touring the hospital and talking with church leaders. We left Debbie who is a Clinical Officer (similar to a Physician's Assistant in the US) and Brian behind to help at the hospital and with the church. The Pediatric ward was overflowing with patients and Debbie's assistance was much appreciated. Pray for Debbie and Brian's time in Lui and for future opportunities of working with this community.
Christine and Joy talk with Loice, the head nurse of Lui Hospital

A week after returning home to Nairobi from our trip to Sudan I was on a plane again but this time a much bigger plane - headed to Philadelphia. It's been wonderful to be home, especially at strawberry and blueberry season! Only 3 days after getting home I was able to spend a day with my WGM Sudan colleagues and friends, Billy and Joanna Coppedge. We had a great time catching up since they have been in the US on their Homeland Ministry Assignment for the past 6 months.
Billy and Joanna Coppedge and their daughters Elsie Jayne and Lucy and Joy at the Lobster House Docks in Cape May
Joy and my parents, Bruce and Carol Phillips, and sister, Linda

And on Father's Day I was able to attend Strathmere UMC where my Father pastors. I have enjoyed spending time with family and sharing with many of you. I look forward to meeting up with many more of you over the next two months.

Thanks for your continued support and prayers ~ God is at work in Sudan.


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