Friday, February 4, 2011


Definition: Redeem
  1. to free from what distresses or harms
  2. to free from the consequences of sin

The sun radiated down from the hot tin roof. The building was packed with smartly dressed men and women, many of whom carried crosses. The sound of children's singing came from the building next door. Without moving a muscle I was working up a sweat. The heat however did not dim the excitement pulsing through the congregation of Sudanese refugees meeting in Kitale, Kenya last Sunday.

Excitement was palpable as the speaker read the preliminary referendum report announcing that 99% of Southern Sudanese voted for secession. Some Sudanese have lived in Kenya for 20 years! When I asked if they were planning on going home now that they have won their independence they responded positively.

I was really glad for the opportunity to worship with my Sudanese brothers and sisters here in Kenya. Pray that Mango Ministries and the host pastor and church, Pioneer Africa Gospel Church, will have the mind of Christ in knowing how we can walk beside our new friends.

Thankfully 2011 has been peaceful in South Sudan and I anticipate my first trip to Lui next week. Pastor Simon and I will be meeting with the church and hospital leaders to work out how Mango Ministry can best assist them.

The hospital Administrator has shared with me the urgent need for surgeons. among other medical personnel. Please pray for our meetings between February 10th and 15th as we pin down the details on how we can best serve the people of central South Sudan.

The buildings above make up Lui Hospital. In Africa most hospitals are spread out in many different buildings. (the buildings at the very top of the picture are part of the Lui market) During the process of selecting a new Bishop please join in praying for God's annointed man or woman to be placed in this key position.

During my last visit to Lui in the fall Pr. Sosthen (left) shared with us about a church leaders conference - celebration event. My colleague, Pr. Simon (right) and I are excited that we'll be in Lui for it and while I don't understand the Moru language I will be praying for a fresh wave of God's spirit to infuse the leaders. Please join me in praying for good Biblical teaching and hearts that are open to responding to the challenges the spirit lays on each leader's heart.

In December I was priviledged to visit Cairo, Sudan's neighbor to the north, with several friends. I was enchanted with this bustling city of 17 million people, it's ancient treasures, and kind people. We enjoyed the scenic Nile River at night. It's with real sadness that I'm watching news of this lovely city fall apart at the seams, with the hope of being rebuilt on a new foundation.

In the last few weeks the fight for freedom from oppression has spread from Tunisia, to Egypt, to Jordan, and even to Khartoum, Sudan's capital in the north.

I am so thankful for the incredible answer to so many prayers for a peaceful referendum in Sudan. Thank you for standing in the gap! Let's remember the Arab world during these uncertain times. May His light charge the darkness of oppression, injustice, servitude, and the established order of these nations undergoing power struggles.

Remember the story in Exodus during another conflict in Egypt? God reminds us, "I am the Lord."

Celebrating His redeeming love,


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