Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hope in action

Hope 4 Sudan 
is really 
Hope in Jesus

Here's a glimpse of hope. . . .

Thoughts from Roger Sharland, a friend, who returned to South Sudan for the Independence Day celebrations.  

"The overall impression we bring home is one of great hope and potential in the new nation of South Sudan.  It has been so uplifting to return to a land of peace and to see the way things are moving forward.  There are many challenges but in many ways the experience of returning to Mundri and Juba after a time of peace is of a country that must be developing faster than any other, given that the material development was so far behind.  In conclusion I would like to share the image from Job 14:7 that I shared at the independence day celebrations in Mundri.  In the 1980s I planted a number of teak trees behind our home.  These were harvested by someone during the war, but they have sprouted from the roots, and I spent time pruning and sorting them out.  The new shoots from the stumps grow much faster than new seedlings and I believe this is a marvellous image for South Sudan.  Although a new nation, it is not starting from nothing.  There are many years of experience and a heritage to sprout from and this means a very different scenario from starting from scratch."

Isn't that a great word picture for Sudan!  Although I don't have teak trees growing in my backyard this blue gum tree exhibits the concept Roger Sharland was explaining.  

I'm thankful for the chance we've recently had to bless one of our partners at In Deed and Truth as they see growth in their ministry that includes a clinic and a pastors training school in Tonj.  

Hillary Langat (holding syringe below) and Emily Serem, both Clinical Officers, are each spending a month in Tonj this summer.  Pray that the burden for the Sudanese that was on Hillary's heart when he returned to Kenya will ignite a 'missions' awareness & involvement among the staff at Tenwek.  
Pray for Emily who is there now as she sees many patients with severe malaria.  
This is an incredibly neat story!  Recently the staff at In Deed and Truth felt the need to be more intentional about sharing the gospel message with their patients.  They see a minimum of 100 patients daily ~ what an opportunity, although also a challenge with so many sick patients and few staff.  This week as the message of Jesus' love was shared with this woman, who had brought her 2 children to the clinic to be treated for pneumonia, she felt led to ask Jesus into her life!  She was convicted to get rid of the charms that hung around her children's necks and personally cut the charms loose.
 A charm is something carried or worn because it is believed to bring good luck or ward off evil.
This is why we want to help people know what the Bible teaches.   James 1:17 says that, "every good and perfect gift is from above."  Amen.

Suzy Kuj, Emily, and the rest of the staff need our prayers as they share about Jesus' love in both word and deed.  Spiritual battles are being fought - let's do our part on our knees.  Also consider giving towards the expenses of sending Hillary and Emily to Tonj.  

Read more about how WGM and Tenwek Hospital have blessed the ministries of In Deed and Truth

You may have caught the international news about the drought in Africa.  My colleague Billy Coppedge preached a sermon entitled, "Bring on the rain," last Sunday at Loudanville Community Church in NY.   It's well worth your time.  Where is your umbrella?

The hope of a free nation was realized on July 9th.
Now let's pray that the hope we have of transformation through Jesus Christ will be a reality to all men, women, and children in the Republic of South Sudan.  



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