Monday, January 23, 2012

home sweet home

I can remember the way the sky looked on that cold November day when my brother and I stepped off the train in Dachau.  This was part of our "once in a lifetime" backpacking trip across Europe back in our twenties.  Our visit to Dachau was one of the more sobering stops on that trip.  Walking through the former concentration camp where tens of thousands of Jews were exterminated brought history to life.  I remember standing in front of a huge plaque that said 'plus jamais, never again.'  Don't we wish!

I found this quote online.

Dachau: plus jamais (except for Rwanda and Kosovo and Darfur and . . . )

I wonder if Sudan and South Sudan will be added to that list?  You'd think that the atrocities committed in Darfur would be enough for one country but the killing goes on.  Are you aware of the devastating consequences of tribal conflicts in Jonglei or the assault upon the people of the Nuba Mountains, the escalating violence in Blue Nile, the displacement of thousands in Abyei, or the unremitting fighting in Darfur. 

Nubans on the move again!  

While Syria, Lybia, and Egypt gather media attention, the suffering of several million Sudanese receive meager attention. Can we allow a crisis of such proportions to be invisible?

Pray! Pray for leaders to make wise decisions.  Pray for the hearts and minds of Sudanese and South Sudanese.  Without Jesus the killing and violence will continue.  

Learn more about what you can do:
Sudan Advocacy Action Forum
Satellite Sentinal Project

Pray for Mango Ministries as we utilize these tools for transformation:
STS - Simply the Story - Biblical storytelling
CHE ~ Community Health Empowerment 

Pray for upcoming trainings and clinics:
Simply the Story training in Werkok/Bor, the end of February
Surgical clinic in Werkok, March 21 - 30
Simply the Story training in Tonj, March 23 - 31
Cataract Clinic in Akot, April 27 - May 3
CHE training in Tonj, hopefully in May

Adhanom needs a place to live!
For the last several months he's been blessed to be able to stay with a family in Rumbek.   Our desire is for him to move out into the village and be a part of the community.  One of our goals is to provide a place for him to stay in the heart of East Rumbek County.  That means starting from scratch.

What Adhanom and I envision is . . . .  a place where Adhanom can stay comfortably in our target community.  A place where visitiors (including me!) can stay when visiting.  A place where a kitchen garden can be planted. Vegetables to eat and modelling a nutricious diet.  Maybe some fruit trees too! A place where simple technologies can be put into practice to show the local residents options that don't cost much and can be made with local resources.  

A colleague sent me an email recently about soda bottle light bulbs - how cool is that?!

On my trip to South Sudan last month Adhanom showed me a shallow hand dug well that he would love to try and replicate at his new home.  

I know many of you reading this have spent time in less developed countries.  And some of you are research nuts.  If you have any suggestions for appropriate technologies that could be used at Adhanom's new home please let me know.  If your idea is used we'll showcase it here for all to see.  

A few other neat ideas from Tenwek's Greenhouse Training Center.  

 Shower buckets 

 BioSand water filters - OK, this one takes a little more than locally available products but it's still do-able!

Tire garden for herbs and vegetables

Whether we're talking about appropriate technologies to make homes across South Sudan healthier and simply more comfortable or whether we're talking about the displacement of thousands of people from their homelands please pray with us that homes across South Sudan will know and love Jesus and cling to the hope that only He can give.

Home interprets heaven. Home is heaven for beginners.
Charles Henry Parkhurst


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