Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Glass half full

Two weeks ago I was having quite a bit of hip and leg pain and did not get on my scheduled British Airways flight to return to Kenya.  That was definitely a glass half empty day.  My nature usually sees the glass half empty but I know it's always better to look at it half full.  Let's see ~ glass half full.  I can see it if I squint.

  • Since I've limited my activity while waiting for Doctor's appointments my pain has decreased!
  • It's better to know about this herniated disk now rather than after getting back to Kenya and Sudan with the rough road situation and a potentially painful return trip for medical care
  • I've had a chance to get some paperwork done that might have been hard to squeeze in during my transition back
  • I have seen the bottom of my inbox!
  • Time to rest, pray, and prepare for Mango Ministries
  • A big snow in Cape May, New Jersey!!
I'm trying to make the best of this unexpected down time.  Because I love schedules this undefined time space has been a little hard to handle.  What I do know is that one Neurosurgeon has recommended surgery.  I have an appointment with a local Neurosurgeon in Philadelphia next Monday, March 9th.  It is my prayer that he and I can come up with a plan of action to relieve my pain, get me active again, and back to Kenya and Sudan.  That may possibly mean surgery.  If so, you'll all be the first, or second, to know when and where.  You have been a terrific support team and I've appreciated your many expressions of interest, concern and love.  Thank you so much for your prayers!  This all may mean that I will have to rely on others to carry my luggage on my many travels in the future but I may be able to get used to that!

This is my first attempt at blogging to share more information about my life and ministry for those inquiring minds who want to know more than what is in my Monthly Memo's - which will continue.  I will try to blog roughly once a week.  I have included:  several links to websites of interest, books I've recently read and recommend, and up-to-date prayer praises and requests.  I'll be updating all of this information regularly besides writing and adding pictures so bookmark this site and check back frequently.  Feel free to share this blog with other inquiring minds.  

Your missionary in waiting . . . . with a cup half full of Kenya coffee!


  1. Great to see you on the blogosphere! I must say you have a very attractive green layout (I might steal it). I've added you to my OCD blog checking list, and slapped a link up to your site on my own sidebar (

    Glad to see you are putting a positive spin on things... blessings, sister.

  2. Hi Joy, I enjoy your memos and I really love your blog. This is great. Don't know how you do it. Sorry about your delay to return to Africa, there must be a reason. Like you I love schedules, however in retirement I'm finding schedules are different. I am praying for you and trusting all will be done and blessed by our wonderful Lord in His timing.
    In God's Great Love, Stan