Friday, June 5, 2009

Team Meeting

Dear Team,

I was lying in bed last evening.  Not necessarily wanting to lie in bed - but needing to be in a low impact activity for the evening to allow continued healing for my back.  God shared this with me to share with you.

I have been reading and studying Esther in recent days.  Last night I was rereading a book that mentioned Nehemiah and I was reminded of how these two books and people are similar.  

Esther and Nehemiah were both involved in a mission bigger than themselves.  What they were about was not selfish, but it involved God's plan for the people of Israel.  The book I'm reading* is about creating your personal or organizational mission statement and also developing a vision statement.  As I thought about Mango Ministries I think our vision can be boiled down to, "We want the Sudanese to know Jesus and see Him transform their lives."

The second thing Esther and Nehemiah have in common is that they had found favor from their Kings.  

Esther 2:17 says ". . . and she won his favor and approval more than any of the other virgins."  Nehemiah 2:8 says, ". . . And because the gracious hand of my God was upon me, the king granted my requests."     

Esther and Nehemiah had a goal that was bigger than themselves.  They also found favor with their kings who then granted their requests.  

My desire is to have a goal that is much bigger than me.  Something I can't accomplish on my own - something God will have to do.  In a recent TV show an FBI investigator says to a teenager who had been caught trying to bring down a bad guy, "So, you want to be a hero?" To which the teenager looked him in the eye and said, "Don't you?"  We all want to make a difference and bring down the bad guy.  In Sudan poverty and war have been the bad guys.  They have wracked the people for long enough.  With God's transforming power that can change.  But that’s much bigger than me or even us.

So let's focus on finding favor with the King of Kings.  

And then let's come boldly to Him and make our requests:
  • To supply the perfect mix of teammates: multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary
  • Men of Peace who will be the entry point in the communities we will be targeting
  • Partnering organizations:  important meetings will be held soon concerning the work of Akot Medical Mission and Memorial Christian Hospital (Werkok)
  • The peace process in Sudan:  north/south relations and implementation of the CPA, the crisis in Darfur, and conflicts between neighbors and tribes
  • Finances
  • That we will proceed with fervor for the task ahead and have wisdom amidst any confusion.  

Thanks for answering the call to be part of the Mango Ministries Team!

Expectantly waiting for more than I can ask or imagine,


*  The Path; Creating your Mission Statement for Work and for Life, by Laurie Beth Jones
PS ~ a formal newsletter will be coming out within a week's time with fresh updates on what is happening in Mango Ministries.  

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