Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two steps ahead and one step back

Goings-on up the Nile in Werkok

At the WGM Field Retreat I talked with Joy and Dave Mueller about their ministry at Memorial Christian Hospital in Werkok, Sudan.  Two urgent needs were obvious.

Dr. Ajak, pictured in the blue shirt, the Sudanese doctor caring for an average of 500 patients per month needs a break.  He’s been working non-stop for 18 months and he’s worn out.  He’s planning on taking a vacation and meeting with some donors from mid-June through mid-August.  Can you help?  We’re looking for a Family Practice doctor who can also do C-Sections to fill in for Dr. Ajak during this time.  A Sudanese Physicians Assistant will be available to assist in providing care to this needy community.  Check out this website: to learn more about the hospital WGM is working with.  Hollar if you have any questions or want to recommend someone for me to contact about filling this need.

In talking to Joy it also became apparent that she could use help in setting up a drip irrigation project with her women’s Bible Study group.  Reuben Kirui, from Tenwek Community Health & Development, was available so he flew up last week to help out for a few weeks.  

This is what Joy Mueller has to report: 

“The flight that took our dental team out brought in Reuben, a Kenyan agriculturalist, who works with World Gospel Mission.  Reuben had visited our location last October to make a community assessment.  As we began to talk to Reuben we realized that God in his infinite wisdom had brought us the key person!!  Not only is Reuben skilled in agriculture but he has a desire and skills to help us launch a large-scale agricultural program.  What was lacking was a tractor!!!  During a visit with the Governor in April we were promised a tractor.  We decided to see if we could make good on that promise.  It was a day orchestrated by God, with the right people, in the right place, at the right time.  The end result is that we have a brand new 80HP tractor with all the implements to start plowing and planting full scale!! . . . . Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would get a tractor for Mother’s Day!!   All of us have been moved to tears at the incredible hand of God in this. . . . . The impact of having a tractor means that together we can help these women produce enough food to last through the year with enough to sell and make the whole program sustainable.  By God’s grace, theses precious women will never again tell us that they have nothing to eat!!!”

There has been a lot of tribal fighting between the Dinka who live around the hospital and the neighboring Murle tribe.  Soldiers have been posted around the hospital to ensure safety for the staff and continued medical care.  Please be in prayer for peace between these two tribes and for good working relationships with Reuben and the women farmers. It’s exciting to see the prep work being done for the upcoming harvest season.  Pray for the planting of spiritual seeds as well. 


Green Mango’s

A little over a week ago I traveled to Arua, in northern Uganda, to meet with my WGM missionary colleagues, Billy and Joanna Coppedge.  We had a fantastic time together and have a more defined idea of where Mango Ministries is going.  Billy and Jo are training pastors in South Sudan and I’m excited to have them on board as we plan for community transformation.  Church leaders will be targeted using a strategy, new to WGM, that is called Bible Storying or Orality. 

I enjoyed exploring Coppedges bountiful and beautiful yard with their 18 month-old daughter.  We enjoyed the delicacy of eating green mango’s together.  Although tart and delicious this unripe fruit was another reminder that we’re still waiting for the actual harvest! Pray as we prepare and plant seeds that will reap transformed lives in South Sudan.


Stepping Back

I may have gotten a bit carried away with unpacking and house organization this past weekend and am experiencing more back related pain than I think I should.  I’m trying to rest a bit while working on the computer.  Please pray for continued healing of my back!  

I’m terribly excited about the opportunities that God has given us.  Two steps ahead and only one back!  Keep praying.  


  1. Joy, this is so great. I am so excited to hear how God orchestrated this incredible gift of Reuben and a tractor. That is such an encouragement. Praying He will continue to put things together for Mango Ministries. With love,

  2. Thank you for being there and doing all you do. It is a blessing.