Saturday, April 25, 2009

Two weeks in . . . .

It’s been an exciting first two weeks back!  In a nutshell:

·     My trip to Nairobi was uneventful and my back is holding up well!

·     Friends have taken me in while I have looked for an apartment to base out of in Nairobi.  I found an apartment amazingly fast and am ‘even now’ in the process of cleaning and moving in. 

·     I was able to attend the WGM Kenya Field Retreat and re-connect with my colleagues working in Kenya.

·     I’ve talked to Reuben Kirui (Mango Ministries recruit) on the phone and we have two days of planning and prayer lined up for next week.

·     I’ve talked to Billy Coppedge (Mango Ministries missionary living in Arua, Uganda) and will be visiting he and Joanna in a week and a half so we can plan and pray about the start of Mango Ministries.

·     I’ve also talked to several of the Bible Distribution Team from last year.  They are finishing up several of the hard-to-get-to places.  Jonathan Siaga reported that people are most appreciative of the Bibles and the training they are receiving.  Last year there was heavy conflict with North Sudan and their town was burnt and pillaged destroying their Bibles in the process.

·     I’ve talked to people working with the two mission hospitals WGM will be helping in Sudan and they are ready for WGM’s assistance.

All in all it’s been a very productive two weeks.  The next two weeks will be busy with moving and meetings.  My prayer is that they will be equally as productive as my colleagues and I listen for God’s still small voice to lead us in the way forward with Mango Ministries and as I set up my apartment, cum office/think-tank, guest room, retreat & home base. 

Will you continue praying that/for

* I'll have a listening ear and compassionate heart

* Spirit led discussions, strategizing, and decision making

* Safety in travel and good health, including healing of my back and discipline in exercise

* Recruits for Mango Ministries

I want to be about “bearing fruit” all the time!  Not a very realistic goal.  I was reminded this past week at our Field Retreat when re-reading Psalms 1 that fruit has seasons ~ nothing new but a helpful reminder.  As the Mango Ministry Team invests in preparing the soil in the coming days and weeks it is my heartfelt prayer that God will use us to produce a big harvest – transformed men, women, and children living in communities that are coming a little  closer to resembling the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.  

“He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither.  Whatever he does prospers.”  Psalms 1:3

 PS – I’m enjoying the mango’s that are in season now!!  Looking towards the next harvest.

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