Saturday, April 4, 2009

A budding anticipation

The tree limbs are pregnant with new life.  A few leaves are peaking out of their cocoons.  The forsythia, daffodils, tulips, and hyacinth have burst forth with color and the grass has greened up ~ all signaling that spring is here!!

I had a good Doctor's appointment on Thursday and he says I'm good-to-go.  I will be returning to my home base in Nairobi on Thursday, less than a week away.  I would love to see the trees dressed in their crisp, clean, new foliage in the next five days but that might be a stretch.  Spring doesn't happen overnight.  It's a process - profound, eh?

In the same way it's a stretch for me to consider taking a two-mile hike or taking a nice bike ride along the bay in the next five days.  I've had a good recuperation from back surgery but that doesn't mean a full recovery happens quickly either.

I'm being reminded of the need to pace myself.  If I push myself too far one day, I pay for it the next day with increased pain.  Have you ever decided to start an exercise program and overdid it the first day and paid dearly with sore muscles the next day?  I've done that all too often.  Pray with me that I'll gladly do less now, so that I can do more later.

I think there are similar lessons to be learned in the birthing of a project like Mango Ministries.  Despite the incredible needs of the Sudanese I don't want to make rash decisions or do too much too quickly and suffer adverse consequences.

Please continue praying for the start of Mango Ministries in South Sudan.  We need God's wisdom
in finding the right team members, choosing the right strategy, finding the right location, and doing this all in God's right and perfect time.   

You are an incredible support team!  I appreciate your faithful and fervent prayers, your generous financial giving, and the love you have showered on me while I've been on Homeland Ministry Assignment. Especially during my extended medical leave.  The cards, calls, and emails have been a great encouragement.  Thanks so much.

Specific prayer requests:
  • Travel next Thursday & Friday from Philadelphia to Nairobi, Kenya
  • Finding a bungalow or apartment to rent in Nairobi where I will be based
  • Pray that Reuben Kirui, Billy and Joanna Coppedge and I will have the mind of Christ as we get Mango Ministries birthed
  • Two Mission Hospitals in Sudan that WGM will be working with:
  • Memorial Christian Hospital is having a dedication tomorrow, April 5th.  Pray that God will be honored in all activities and for the logistics of this big event.
  • A group of interested people will be visiting Akot Medical Mission next week.  On Monday before traveling to Sudan they will visit Tenwek Hospital.  Pray their visit is an encouragement and they will gather relevant ideas and contacts to help at Akot. 
Spring is sprung, the grass is riz --
I wonder where them flowers is?   (old rhyme)

Anticipating the fullness of summer,


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