Saturday, May 15, 2010

Today's forcast: both rain and shine

The past 2 months it's been raining like crazy in Nairobi and it's starting to rain in Sudan. This morning Nairobi started out surprisingly and spectacularly sunny. Mid-afternoon it was gray and raining. Then I realized it was sunny above with dark heavy clouds all around. And now, at sunset, it's drizzling outside my window and I can see the sun on the horizon. The weather today pretty much sums up this past year! I'm glad the day is ending with just a drizzle and a clear picture of the sun on the horizon. I know I will face challenges but they will not overcome me as I keep my eye on the Son.

On Saturday, June 19th whether rain or shine I'll be at the Kountry Kitchen located on Route 40 in Elmer, NJ for their Breakfast Buffet and ready with an update of Mango Ministries. Will you join me? I need your reservations by the end of May - only 2 weeks away. Cost is $7.75 for adults and $6.75 for children (6 – 10). If space is available after 1 June cost will be $8.75/7.75. All payments will be collected at the door. Welcome from 9am with breakfast served at 9:30. See you there! Email me with your reservation if you'd like to join me for breakfast.

Joseah and several of our partners working in Sudan will be attending 2 weeks of seminars beginning tomorrow. The first week is the Samaritan Strategy Vision Conference and the second week is Community Health Evangelism. Both of these teachings have made a huge impact in my life and ministry. Pray for the facilitators and each participant to understand the principles of transformational ministry in ways that will positively impact their ministries.
We are still in the process of looking for team mates to join our Transformational Development team in Akot. We're looking for committed men or women who have training in education, agriculture, health, development, and Christian ministries who want to build relationships with Sudanese and help them realize the Kingdom of God in their families, churches, and communities. We're looking for people of different nationalities to join us. If you're interested or know of someone who might be please check out the available job descriptions with Mango Ministries. Pray as we connect with potential candidates in East Africa and pray for more missionaries.

Thanks for praying for our Sudan Board meeting. It went very well and there was much helpful discussion as we continue moving forward in this new ministry. It was followed by an Africa Regional Leaders meeting which was also thought provoking and helpful. The leaders who are currently in Africa are pictured below.

I'm in the process of arranging both a medical and an exploratory trip to Sudan in the near future. Trip logistics are always a challenge. Pray for each detail that needs to be worked out and for each person traveling to be led of Jesus as they share His light and love with the Sudanese.

Thanks for standing with me in prayer and with your financial support during times of both showers and sunshine.



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