Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Theater anyone?

One of the things I had to get used to when I first came to Kenya was the use of British English.  We American's speak the same language as the British but at times the vocabulary is quite different.  Some examples of words I've had to introduce dual meanings to are:  the boot (trunk of a car), football (soccer), lorry (truck), chemists (drug store), crisps (potato chips), chips (french fries), pudding (dessert), mobile (cell phone).

And last but not least is the theater.  Operating Room. A place where surgery is done.  In Kenya, Tenwek Hospital's theater department has mushroomed and is an incredibly busy place.  I can remember helping out in the OR at Tenwek in 1981 when I was a Nursing Student having a summer missions experience.

Tenwek Hospital has come a long way since then!  People come from all over the country to receive excellent physical and spiritual care.  They even come from other countries.  My friend, Dr. Carol Spears, one of the surgeons at Tenwek Hospital, recently told me about a young girl named Achu from Sudan who was sent for care for a one year old leg injury.  

Dr. Carol Spears, Achu's sister, Achu and Dr. Dan Galat
Tenwek Hospital, Kenya

Through a series of miracles Achu was able to travel to Kenya and receive surgical care and is on her way to recovery.  But this is not the case for thousands of others. . . .

Unfortunately there are very few, if any, well staffed and equipped theatre's (operating rooms) in South Sudan.   Memorial Christian Hospital does have a theater.  But without a full time surgeon it doesn't get used as often as there is need.  That is why two weeks from now a surgical team from Tenwek Hospital, led by Dr. Russ White, plans to travel to Werkok.

Tenwek Hospital's theater

There have been no fresh outbreaks of violence in the area and the local community have moved back to their homes.  Please pray for this outreach!  Pray for peace between the rival ethnic groups, for safe travel, good health,  stamina despite the heat, wisdom in addressing challenging cases,  and the opportunity to show and tell people about God's love for them.

Pray that the acts that unfold on the stage at Memorial Christian Hospital will be living proof that God is good, God is in control, and God wants to transform the community of Werkok through changed hearts and lives.

Thank you for setting the stage for the surgical clinic in Werkok with your prayers!


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